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Taurob develops and produces an ecosystem of fully autonomous robots and cloud-based applications for routine tasks and inspection on industrial sites, helping its customers to optimize their operations and upgrading site safety. The robots can perform missions under harsh environmental conditions (ATEX zone 1) to gather video, audio and sensor data, detect gas leaks and manipulate valves while adhering to strictest industry safety standards and supporting customers’ Net-Zero initiatives.

Founded in 2010, Taurob has developed the world’s first ATEX certified inspection robot for Oil&Gas and in April 2019, Taurob signed an investment and joint development agreement with Dietsmann, a leading industrial Operation & Maintenance specialist. Over the past decade, Taurob has continuously grown and today it employs 50+ employees at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The birth of Taurob.

Founded in 2010 by Matthias Biegl and Lukas Silberbauer, Taurob introduced the world’s first ATEX certified mobile robot, in 2012.
In 2017, Taurob –together with its research partner Technische Universität Darmstadt– won the TotalEnergies ARGOS Challenge and the first fully autonomous inspection robot for Oil&Gas sites was created. In 2019, the company started a partnership agreement with Dietsmann, a leading industrial Operation & Maintenance specialist.


We are part of ARGOS JIP.

Taurob is the selected contractor of the ARGOS JIP (Autonomous Robots for Gas & Oil Sites – Joint Industry Project) to create the next generation of robots. The first Work Class robots for Oil & Gas sites – the Taurob Operator.

Our development partners.

The OGRIP project.

Funded by TotalEnergies and the Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC), it’s the foundation of the Inspector robot.

Within this phase (2018-2020), the former ARGOS robot was assessed for use within an operational Oil & Gas environment. A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) was undertaken to review the individual components and features on the robot and allow us to rank and prioritise areas of the robot that needed improving for operations in harsh environments.

After extensive on-site testing, TotalEnergies operated the ATEX Zone 1 certified robots at their Shetland Gas Plant for a 12-month period

Design and R&D.

Over the last ten years, Taurob has been steadily growing in the 23rd district of Vienna, Austria.

We’ve been working hard to become a recognized name in our field.

Our focus is on designing advanced robots for industrial applications. We struggle for good engineering, which is a big part of our everyday work. This is how we ensure that our machines are reliable, tough, and efficient in whatever they do.

In April 2019, we teamed up with Dietsmann, the expert in industrial Operation & Maintenance, renowned for its remarkable presence in the energy industries. This strategic alliance not only amplifies our capabilities but also has started a new milestone for growth and shared success.

We’re all about moving forward together, driven by a strong commitment to pushing the boundaries and change what’s possible in today’s world of technology and innovation.


Our 300 sqm modern Production Center is where robots come to life. Adhering to elevated standards, meticulous procedures, and robust safety practices, we ensure top-notch technological quality.

At every step of the manufacturing process, we prioritize excellence, from components quality to rigorous testing.

Our partner Dietsmann.

Since 2019, we cooperate with Dietsmann, the leading independent Operation & Maintenance specialist.

Dietsmann has over 40 years of experience operating and maintaining hundreds of production facilities around the world, especially in oil&gas plants, conventional and nuclear power generation and mining industries, applying the most effective maintenance technology.

Dietsmann invests in the digitalisation and robotization of its core business, to lead the way towards Smart Operation & Maintenance. In 2019, they launched Dietsmann SmartLabs (DSL), to interconnect ‘Robotics’ and ‘Big Data’ in order to putting men out of harm’s way, optimizing the costs of energy production and reducing emissions into the environment.

Taurob designs and develops robotics technology to improve safety, effectiveness and working conditions for clients and their employees, to achieve cost saving potential through automation and to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Improving safety, effectiveness and working conditions for our clients and their employees.

Unlocking significant cost-saving potential through the implementation of automation.

Actively contributing to the efforts aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gases.



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Taurob was born.

Taurob has been founded in 2010 by Matthias Biegl and Lukas Silberbauer with the aim of developing robots for fire departments. Since then, the company has expanded into various other fields, like Civil Defence, CBRN Detection, Police, Academia and the Oil & Gas industry.

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The world’s first ATEX Certified robot.

With the Taurob Tacker, the company has expanded into various other fields, like Civil Defense, CBRN Detection, Police, Academia and the Oil & Gas industry, with the birth of the first´s inspection robot, the Taurob Tracker.

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The ARGOS Challenge winners.

In 2017, Taurob won the TOTAL sponsored “ARGOS Challenge” together with research partners which allowed the company to create the world´s first fully autonomous inspection robot for Oil & Gas.

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Dietsmann joins Taurob.

To further ignite the service and expertise in the preventive inspection of industrial sites, in April 2019, Taurob sealed a cooperation agreement with Dietsmann, a leading industrial Operation & Maintenance specialist with a strong position in the energy industries.

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The Taurob Inspector.

Thanks to its precision sensors, the Inspector gathers data with unprecedented versatility and objectivity, exceeding a human operator in many ways. It takes ultra-high-definition photos and videos, records sounds, detects gas leaks through thermography and oversees its environment with a 3D LIDAR scanner.

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The Taurob Gasfinder.

The Gasfinder is the first specialized gas leak detection robot, a reliable and fast tool to identify even the smallest gas leaks. Its technology support operators to identify and monitor gas leaks earlier and apply corrective measures and maintenance efforts to reduce emissions.

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The Taurob Operator.

The Operator robot is setting a new standard in the industry. Sharing most of the Inspector and Gasfinder movement agility and inspection specs, it furthermore enables robotic, autonomous interaction with industrial machinery like manipulating valves and dials, lifting and transport heavy components up to 50Kg.

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    Industry Leading Safety Concept

    Industry best practice hazard and risk analysis performed with clients and certification bodies.

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    Software agnostic

    Taurob’s flexible API connects directly to a client’s digital twin or seamlessly integrates 3rd party software.

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    Long arm.

    Thanks to its three joint long arm, the robot possesses a unique advantage - being able to inspect POIs that were designed for a human perspective.

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    Battery efficiency.

    The Inspector performs missions of up to 2 uninterrupted hours and recharges in only 1,5 hours to its full capacity.

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    Stair climbing.

    The Inspector climbs and descends stairs of up to 45° inclination in order to perform missions on multiple levels.

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    Ready and reliable.

    We are committed to designing, developing and long-term testing in order to achieve maximum availability in the field.

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    ATEX certified.

    The robot is intrinsically safe and fulfils requirements to function in the harshest environments.

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